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What is AT&T's U-Verse?att-logo

U-Verse is an internet based content provider. Some would compare it to a cable TV provider, but instead U-Verse brings the luxery of cable or satellite to your home, but for the fraction of the cost. Provided within this service, viewers are able to see their local municipalities and educational channels by simply going to channel 99 on their TV guide. To find out more information on AT&T's U-Verse system, please visit their web-site.

How do I get my city's content to AT&T?

Referred to as a PEG (Public Education and Government Channel,) a city who wishes to provide their content on the U-Verse system must do so by streaming it LIVE over the internet, where AT&T then pulls the stream and provides it at the set-top level (the customer's home.) To stream this content, the city is required to purchase a large router with T1 capabilities, a Windows Media Encoder, and a small switch. The city is then provided a set of ip addresses by AT&T, which then must be configured into all the equipment. This process, if done by engineers at the city, can take weeks of configuring and testing.

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AT&T suggests you use a "preferred" vendor, but this option can cost the city anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 installed. Emge Broadcasting is interested in getting you the same equipment, configured and ready to go at half the cost. We are only interested in getting you the equipment you need, in helping you get that equipment installed, and all at a fraction of the cost.

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