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What is a Tightrope Media System?tightrope-logo

Tightrope Media Systems has created a very powerful, yet inexpensive television automation system that is controlled via a web browser. Products include the Cablecast, the Carousel, and the VOD (Video On Demand.)

Cablecast System


Cablecast is a complete broadcast automation and scheduling system created and refined over the past ten years for PEG access and educational television channels. Create your schedule once and it programs your channel, automatically publishes to your web site, bulletin board, and much more! (trms.com)

Carousel System


Carousel is an intelligent digital signage system that is designed with simplicity, security, scalability and economy in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of signage in multiple buildings. Use existing flash, video and graphics or enter messages directly. Everything is browser based, so there's no software to deploy. It's power and simplicity for digital signage. (trms.com)

Video On Demand


Video on Demand is completely integrated with Cablecast's scheduling and automation so that all you need to make your content available is the internet.

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